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Duplicate Distributor Dropdown Feature

designfast feature

Design Fast now consolidates distributors who have multiple package types into a single root distributor for each search result. If a distributor appears multiple times, a grey icon will be displayed next to the distributors name with the number of total package types provided. When you click on the icon, the distributor results will expand,…

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Full-Text Search Improvement

During our early stage development we decided to adopt ElasticSearch as our NoSQL document store and full-text search engine. Elastic is backed by Apache Lucene, which provides the indexing and search feature functionality for ElasticSearch. The Elastic ecosystem has made it easy for developers to ingest and query documents containing a variety of data types,…

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Top Part Searches September on DesignFast

multilayered ceramic capacitor

Here is a selection from the top parts searched through the month of September. 08055A200F4T2A 1N4001G 2N2219A 2N7000 B43586-S0688-Q3 BZT52C12-7-F CER ENG KIT 46 IRF510PBF IRF520 LM317LZG T520A107M006ATE045

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