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Find MOCAP on DesignFast

Find 2,200+ parts from MOCAP on DesignFast. MOCAP began manufacturing dip molded vinyl caps, grips and plugs in 1982 at its first factory located in St. Louis, Missouri USA. MOCAP’s reputation as a quality sales and service oriented supplier allowed it to grow such that by 1994 MOCAP had opened 2 new factories in Missouri and a state of the…

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Find Remke on DesignFast

Find 3,000+ parts from REMKE on DesignFast. Remke has been manufacturing electrical connectors in Chicago for over 50 years. Their only mission is to deliver industrial-strength cord connectors, wire mesh grips and molded connectors to their customers. This is the only thing they do all day, every day and this focus has created one of…

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Find Rigol on DesignFast

Find 400+ parts from Rigol on DesignFast. For over 20 years since its establishment, RIGOL strives to meet demands from scientists and developers of electronic products with measurement instruments of superior quality, reasonable prices and the best value. Today, RIGOL has become a highly acclaimed industrial brand that exceeds the expectation from professional customers. With…

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