V1.4.0 Update

DesignFast 1.4 update has been pushed that includes optimized server side rendering, input changes to the search algorithm, a more streamlined lookup for reference designs and numerous improvements to optimize speed.

While real-time calls add to load times, we’re continuing to improve look up times and pre-loading for common part searches. Design Fast utilizes the AWS stack and Elastic Cloud for low latency searches. The interactions between these triggered events and search structure requires ongoing tuning as new parts and products are added daily. We welcome any feedback if a part lookup fails or any other issue on the site occurs during a search session.

As we continue to roll out under-the-hood improvements, new features like a simple ‘add to favorites’, improved PDF viewing and compression of duplicate results are in progress for the next DesignFast release.

In addition, cross linking tools from other WTWH design engineering resources is underway to make part finding, data sheet lookup or real-time pricing information more seamless across websites based on the DesignFast engine.