What is DesignFast?


DesignFast makes component selection simple. We are a tool for engineers to search across a list of aggregated components from trusted distributors with some of our data powered by ECIA. Engineers can make full-text searches across millions of components available in the DesignFast database and drill down to find a specific piece for their needs.

The data points an engineer can search across include: manufacturer and distributor part numbers, manufacturers and distributors, datasheets, real-time pricing, and more. DesignFast makes part searches more efficient by either matching part numbers explicitly or partially matching part families.

Are you a distributor that is looking to drive more traffic to their e-commerce platform or component breakdown page? DesignFast can help.  By listing components on DesignFast, we can immediately start driving traffic and commerce. To learn more about our ingestion process please visit our marketing site.

We know that designing components has its challenges. At DesignFast, our goal is to help create a better design process for engineers and other professionals involved in sourcing products and make component selection simple.

The Design Fast Team