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Find TestEquity on DesignFast

Find 80+ parts from TestEquity on DesignFast. TestEquity meets the test, tool kit and electronic production supply needs of the aerospace, defense, automotive, electronics, education, and medical industries. They are partners and trusted advisers to customers that range from Tesla, GE, NASA and GM to Microsoft, Boeing, At&T and Intel. Through hundreds of thousands of…

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Find Monolithic Power Systems on DesignFast

Monolithic Power

Find 1590+ parts from Monolithic Power Systems on DesignFast. As a leading international semiconductor company, Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) creates cutting-edge solutions to improve the quality of life with green, easy-to-use products. Michael Hsing, pioneering engineer and CEO, founded Monolithic Power Systems, Inc. in 1997 with the belief that an entire power system could be integrated…

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Find KHK on DesignFast

Find 34+ parts from KHK on DesignFast. Founded in 1935, Kohara Gear Industry Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of gearing in Japan. Having been a company solely devoted to the manufacture of gears for 84 years, Kohara Gear Industry (KHK) is world renowned for its KHK brand of gears. In 2005, KHK completely rebuilt their headquarters…

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