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Find Vicor on DesignFast

Find 460+ parts from Vicor on DesignFast. Vicor is a leading, global power module technology company, focused on providing power system designers with advanced, high-performance modular solutions for their toughest power design challenges. They continuously advance the density, efficiency and power delivery capabilities of our power modules by staying on the forefront of distribution architectures,…

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Find Bishop-Wisecarver on DesignFast

Find 770+ parts from Bishop-Wisecarver on DesignFast. Bishop-Wisecarver has been privately held by the Wisecarver family since 1950. Much has changed in the world over those 70 years, but Bishop-Wisecarver remains a family-owned, American company committed to earning the trust of our customers with the highest quality products. It started with creative manufacturing solutions that…

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Find Analog Devices on DesignFast

Find 10,600+ parts from Analog Devices on DesignFast. Analog Devices is committed to the establishment and continuous improvement of world class systems and processes aimed at satisfying their customers’ evolving needs. They embrace a Total Quality philosophy with an emphasis on prevention rather than detection. They focus on technology, quality, reliability, service and costs in…

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