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Top Part Searches September on DesignFast

multilayered ceramic capacitor

Here is a selection from the top parts searched through the month of September. 08055A200F4T2A 1N4001G 2N2219A 2N7000 B43586-S0688-Q3 BZT52C12-7-F CER ENG KIT 46 IRF510PBF IRF520 LM317LZG T520A107M006ATE045

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Why use an e-fuse? Part 1

This article was originally posted at SEPTEMBER 22, 2018 BY Bill Schweber The electronic fuse is a powerful and versatile tool in the designer’s kit, but building one requires careful selection of the core amplifier; IC embodiments solve the problem. The traditional thermal-based fuse, Figure 1, is a low-cost, widely used, well-understood, highly reliable, easy-to-apply circuit- protection component.…

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Go Lang – Why we chose Go for DesignFast

Go Programming Language

There are many variables that go into choosing a language for a new project. When considering all these factors at DesignFast, we felt that developer productivity, network services, and type safety were most important. Ultimately, these values narrowed our choices for a language down to either Node.js or Go. In this article we’ll walk through…

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